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Executive Search

At CXO Source we recognize that each of the companies we serve has demands unique to the attributes of that organization. Further, we understand that great leaders need to be as distinctive as the organizations they lead. The first three phases of our search methods deal directly with uncovering the distinctive qualities necessary to be successful in leading an organization; and how to attract and secure candidates with these traits - making sure you get the right person with the RightFIT.

We work closely with clients in the Discovery Phase to get a full and complete understanding of the hard skills needed, the character assets someone must have, the experience required, and any indiscernible qualities that can often be difficult to categorize.

In the Develop Phase and the Search Phase, the information we've gathered is put to work. A detailed description is crafted and the fit factors identified are used to create a targeted search plan. In the Search Phase we use a three-pronged approach:   

  • our existing network of executives (numbered in the thousands, gathered over years in the industry);

  • probing industries and specific companies identified;

  • technology leveraged across industry specific platforms.

The client takes over in the Present Phase and Select Phase, with our continued aid and support. Our goal is to present a portfolio of four qualified candidates - each meeting the identified fit factors - by a target date 30 days following the executed agreement (however our goal is two to three weeks). Throughout the client interview process, we are available for further counsel and will be requesting feedback for bench-marking and retooling our search methods - if necessary.

Once the desired candidate is selected, our support is offered throughout the Offer Phase. We offer our counsel throughout the negotiations of terms and compensation. Our goal is too make sure the candidate you select becomes the executive you get. 

What you get from us...

Position Discovery
Fully Customized Search Profile
Targeted Sourcing Campaign
Direct Sourcing
Weekly Update Call
Portfolio of Candidates
Transition Quality Call
Compensation/Negotiation Support
Background Services (as requested)
The "Right Fit" Person for the Role

Our process...

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Search Process Graphic.png
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